To My Daughter On Your 21st Birthday

My dearest daughter, This time 21 years ago I couldn’t wait to meet you. Were you a boy or a girl? Blonde, brunette or bald? Who would you look like? I was so excited yet so anxious. How would I know if I was doing the whole parenting thing correctly? And then you were here. I held you in my arms and I was hit by overwhelming love. My life from that moment on changed forever. Here we are now and you stand before me as a beautiful woman. An independent, strong, young woman. And my role changes too. No longer am I the one to tell you off, set curfew times, ground you. I am now more of an advisor and best friend. I will be here for you unconditionally as always. But you now have the reins of your own life. I will try and give you the […]

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