My Story – Attitude is Everything

June 2010, aged 38. I knew what the diagnosis was before I even walked in to the waiting room. What I wasn’t prepared for was the whirlwind that would follow. That is honestly the only way I can describe it. With my faith 100% in the amazing medical team I had, I allowed myself to get fully caught up in that wind. And emotionally, I was steadfast and positive. Always positive. With all those in place, I flicked the autopilot switch. My medical team decided on surgery, 6 months chemotherapy (and a blood transfusion), 15 doses of radiotherapy, 2 years of monthly Goserelin injections into my stomach and 10 years of Tamoxifen. In all this I was diagnosed with lymphoedema in my arm on the affected side. It’s only slight but noticeable all the same. I then decided on prophylactic surgery as I sadly lost my mother to breast cancer […]

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