Acrylic Pouring

PVA Liquitex Winsor & Newton PVA PVA Floetrol Floetrol PVA

A couple of months ago I accidentally stumbled upon the art technique while searching for something totally unrelated. I love how a little random finding can plant a seed that grows into something beautiful. Well, going back to YouTube; I was hooked. After watching hundreds and hundreds of videos of different techniques, different mediums, doing it on a budget… you get the idea… I had to give it a try! So off I set, staff discount card in one hand, purse in the other and went shopping. I was quite disappointed I couldn’t get everything I needed, as I wanted desperately to try it that day, but with good old Amazon Prime the remainder was here the following day. This is so simple that I promise you anyone can do it. If you’re going to let your child have a go please ensure you add the oil. The only other […]

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