About Me

Perfectly Imperfect Attitude

Hello and thank you for visiting Heirii, a lifestyle blog laced with positivity. I’m Hayley, originally from the South Wales valleys but now living about 10 miles outside Birmingham, UK. I live with my two adult children, an English springer spaniel, a chatterdale and three cats. I work full time in retail.

Hats I Wear: Mom, fur mom, sister, auntie, warrior, supervisor

Loves: Thirty Seconds to Mars, Sony Xperia, SJP Lovely, salted caramel anything, Marmite, autumn, positivity and Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL 90 Cosmic Blue

Obsessions: Final Fantasy XV, Twinings, chocolate Hobnobs, Netflix

Dislikes: Arachnids, stupidity, ignorance, text speak, lychees

Believe In: Everything happens for a reason, your attitude is everything, wear your heart on your sleeve, positivity, being yourself

Blog Name: Heirii is my name in Japanese. I’m a tad obsessed with Japan, both its natural beauty and its pop culture.

Why This Blog?: I am slowly reclaiming my femininity, learning to love the body that cancer has left me with and loving the sense of freedom to be me. Me. I’d like this blog to be cathartic for me and a place of hope, inspiration and encouragement for others. I’ve never once allowed negativity or depression to enter my thinking. I’ve always been a strong and positive person. Attitude really is everything! There’s nothing like facing your own mortality to know what you really want. Everything you want to do, do! Take those risks. Tick off those bucket list items. Life is far too precious and fragile to be down, to be unhappy, to worry. See the beauty and find strength in everything around you. Appreciate the simple things. Be You ♥

I see the beauty in everything around me. I’ll share my favourite recipes, any crafty projects I’m working on, things that inspire me and reviews of products and services I recommend. Clothes, beauty, music, books, games, whatever made me smile. I will only ever recommend brands that I love and believe in.

*If you are a company and would like me to review any of your products, please feel free to get in touch either through the contact form or social media



Hayley xox